Our Main Question: Can we resolve the causes of pertussis’ resurgence using existing data? If not, what experiments are most needed?

This workshop brought together a  group including microbiologists, pathologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, ecologists, theoreticians, experimentalists and physicians. During the workshop the attendees compiled a comprehensive suite of hypotheses for the pertussis resurgence, put these on a common mathematical footing, and identified pertinent

Q. Caudron & R. Garnier
Inflammatory loci in sheep liver; Q. Caudron & R. Garnier

existing data from animal model experiments, vaccine trials and epidemiological surveillance. The primary goal was to formulate mathematical models of the appropriate degree of complexity and confront them with data and, thereby, identify the necessary experiments needed to close these gaps.

Leader: Aaron A. King, University of Michigan

Location: Santa Fe Institute    Santa Fe, New Mexico